hit publish.

after four years of co-teaching literacy and math together, and seven years of friendship, we’ve decided to start something together that will allow us to reflect on one of our shared passions: strengthening our teaching practice.

as has been true of the work and teaching responsibilities in our classroom, we intend to share the writing on this blog, and so will use first person plural pronouns (i.e. we, us, our, ours) even when only one of us is writing.

as any educator knows, teaching is a profession that seeps into all parts of our lives. our work is never left in our classroom. it continues as we reflect on our days during our drive home or running our kids to and from practices after school, in the texts and emails we send one another as we think forward to the next day while trying to hold onto how this day went. it’s found in the stack of professional texts waiting to be read on our nightstand and the bookmarks of educational blogs on our home computers. it’s heard by our family members in the conversations we have about the kids in our classroom around the dinner table and by our spouses in the middle of the night in the conferences we have in our sleep.

this all-encompassing nature of teaching can sometimes be overwhelming. our hope is that this blog will serve as a recording place for both the practices we’re working to grow and those that we’ve found to be tried and true. we’ve talked and talked about doing this, and have decided that it’s time to just do it and hit publish.

thank you for joining us. we are so glad you’re here.


One thought on “hit publish.

  1. WM Wright says:

    This is a very positive step you’re (plural case) taking and will leave a trail of thought and consciousness of the teaching experience that will heighten the readers’ and your own understanding of what it means to be a teacher, an educator. Your passion for and great knowledge of educational principles and your sincere dedication to the needs of the young minds in your classroom will be the wellspring your writings. I can’t wait to read what you want to say.

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