winter break reading resource

almost there! the holidays are, literally, just around the corner. we know how important it is for our students to maintain their reading lives over the break.

so, we’ve just discovered that fable learning   has opened their digital library for free from 12/16/16-1/3/16! we’ve taken a quick browse and there is a pretty expansive library available. they also have flyers to send home to your families in both english and spanish.

here’s the link a with information on the free winter pop up library:

and the link to sign up for the free winter pop up library:

we love free resources that get books in our kids’ hands:)

a few more quick tips:

  • give your kids a stamped post card with your address for them to drop a quick note to you about how their reading is going.
  • take the time to do some book talks to get kids excited about titles. you might try book talking up a few from the free pop up library.
  • have kids make a plan for what they would like to read. it can be as simple as a list of titles that they would like to get to and maybe a tentative plan for when they will make time for reading.
  • communicate the importance of reading over break with families. even a little reading will make such a difference when they return in january!
  • share your own plan for winter break reading with your kids.


have a great break and enjoy the holidays with family and friends!

tara and kate




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