celebrating winter break reading

happy 2017!

the break went too quickly, as all breaks usually do. when we return this week, we’ll be excited to hear about our students’ winter break adventures and, as we’re hoping is the case for many, the reading time that they managed to steal.

if you helped set your students up for reading success before the break, you will want to find ways to celebrate this when they return. here are some ways you might do this:

  • if you gave your students self addressed post cards, share them before a mini lesson and then find a place to display them in your room.
  • have students give some book talks on books they read over the break.
  • if you had groups of students who read the same titles or series, plan time for a quick book club meeting to discuss favorite parts.
  • share how your own winter break reading went and what your reading over break taught you about yourself as a reader. invite your students to do the same in their club or partnerships.

whatever your new reading unit is as you begin 2017, things will go smoother if your students have kept reading over the break, and taking the time to celebrate the reading your students did helps to reinforce that it was a worthy activity for them. here’s to 2017 and more reading!


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