about us

“if you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.” – conan o’brien

we believe that teaching is most powerful and effective for the children, and most engaging for the teachers when it’s done within a community. that community can be made of coaches, co-teachers, grade-level team members, school supervisors and administrators. the difficult stretches in our careers have helped us see with more clarity the positive difference to our practice that the support of a strong professional community makes. our hope is that this blog helps strengthen your professional community.

tara has been teaching since 1997 and has experience in grades k through high school as well has international teaching experience in ireland, but her favorite spot has been co-teaching in a 4th grade classroom. she has attended the summer institute with the teachers college reading and writing project and the orton gillingham institute for multi sensory education. she holds a masters degree in special education and values being a life long learner.

kate is a literacy interventionist and former fourth grade teacher. she’s attended two coaching institutes of reading (one for grades k-2 and one for grades 3-5) at the teachers college reading and writing project (tcrwp) and has attended many reading and writing summer institutes with tcrwp. in addition to her master’s of teaching degree from the university of virginia, she also holds a supervisors certificate for the state of new jersey. kate values being kind and hard work.

in addition to writing about teaching together here, tara and kate collaborate on articles for choice literacy.

tara and kate are available to work with teachers in both large-group PD sessions and one-on-one coaching. for more information about how tara and kate might support your teachers, email them at hello@tworiverliteracy.com .

twitter: @taraandkate


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