winter break reading resource

almost there! the holidays are, literally, just around the corner. we know how important it is for our students to maintain their reading lives over the break.

so, we’ve just discovered that fable learning   has opened their digital library for free from 12/16/16-1/3/16! we’ve taken a quick browse and there is a pretty expansive library available. they also have flyers to send home to your families in both english and spanish.

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the classroom technology that we. just. love.

we get that sometimes technology can be a hassle, and feel hesitant to use it for the sake of using it. like, if there’s already a good way to do something without technology or if there’s a face-to-face interaction that gets eliminated by the use of technology, we aren’t as likely to get behind it. but! there are some ways we’ve grown to love using technology in our classroom, that have helped us nurture connections that may not be there otherwise, boost student engagement, and support student learning.

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